To protect your IP in China you need a strong and reliable strategy for your ideas, assets and innovations. Securing trademarks, company names, domain names, and also your software and copyright is essential. Unlike other jurisdictions such as the US or other European markets, registration of right in principle is a pre-requisite for securing and proving ownership in China. Lack of registration is a risk to your businesses and interests and can make enforcement against imitators an unnecessary challenge. We can advise you on targeting and timing the registration of your right to avoid pre-emptive registration from third parties and competitors who target well-known foreign and domestic organisations. 


Domain names


We assist clients in fighting “.cn” and “” domain name grabbing, support in domain dispute settlement procedures such as at CNNIC and are ready to help in finding a strategy for your online business in China, together with our partner firms.



We plan and execute applications, handle oppositions and invalidations against third party trademark applications, and manage and design customised strategies for larger portfolios. Our experts can develop creative and economic approaches for trademark owners and brands.



We support our clients with the copyright registration, (including licensing or assignment) of their assets with the China Copyright Protection Centre. Registration provides an initial evidence of ownership, and greater protection for your creations against counterfeits and copycats. It can also be used to oppose free-riding third party trademark applications.




Together with our partner firms, we can help defend your trademarks in the market. From mediation to active enforcement by administrative proceedings, customs or civil litigation matters.