Beijing Tailun Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd. was established in China

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our professional trademark and intellectual property agency in China, "Beijing Tailun Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd." was formally established in China. Since international companies are prohibited from engaging in Chinese legal practices, the independent legal person was established and allowed by Chinese regulatory agencies to provide a series of intellectual property-related services in China. The company will be led by partner Thomas Pattloch, who was the intellectual property officer of the EU delegation to China and appointed five new lawyers.

, Beijing Tailun Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd. was established through the joint support of the international law firm Telexin. Based on the market-leading international trademark business established by Teleson, Beijing Tailun Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd. can provide customers with international coordination support in all aspects of litigation and non-litigation intellectual property business. The current business scope includes registration, management and maintenance of trademarks, domain names and copyrights in Mainland China.

Beijing Tailun Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd. will work closely with Telesin Law Firm to provide strategic advice and assistance in trademark and intellectual property rights protection matters.

Beijing Tailun Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd., said:"China's importance as a trademark and copyright center is increasing. Our team enjoys a high reputation in the field of intellectual property rights throughout Europe. Obviously, the next step is to invest in the establishment of independent agencies dedicated to these services. Customers will benefit greatly from the opportunities offered by this new agency. Licensed intellectual property offices can obtain greater value and greater efficiency from international consultants to support brands and owners in all aspects of intellectual property needs."

UK managing partner Shane Gleghorn/German managing partner Olaf Kranz commented:"The establishment of this organization is an integral part of our company's international strategy and will provide customers with more opportunities to register trademarks and copyrights for their products. In the past eighteen months, we have made strategic investments. All investments revolve around the value we can add to our customers, and I am happy to announce it as our latest news and prepare the business world for a prosperous new year."


Editor's note:

About Beijing Tailun Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd:
Beijing Tailun Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the agency company") is an independent legal person providing trademark and intellectual property related services in China. The agency provides trademark and intellectual property-related services in Europe and China based on an exclusive relationship with the international law firm Taylor, and cooperates with Taylor's offices worldwide (including Beijing office, Shanghai office and Hong Kong office).

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